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This policy supports managing our expenditure by ensuring that appropriate controls are in place & that a clear and transparent policy and procedure is in place to meet Trustee expenses and out of pocket expenses incurred on behalf of RSCDS Edinburgh. Payment of reasonable expenses is a good way of ensuring that all trustees participate in running the charity and, more generally, of ensuring that being a trustee is open to all.

Trustee Expenses

Trustees should not be out-of-pocket as a result of their trusteeship and reasonable out of pocket expenses may be claimed for travel to Executive meetings as follows:

  • Car - 20p per mile from the defined city limit (EH1 – 17 incl. and EH28 – EH30 incl.)
  • Public transport – the cheapest fare available must be utilised
  • No further expenses will be considered including, but not exclusively, taxis (unless no other means of public transport is available), parking charges, child care costs, loss of earnings
  • Car sharing, where possible, is positively encouraged
  • A record of the Trustees home address (or expenses boundary postcode, whichever is closer) & mileage to meeting venues & attendance should be maintained along with the total amount paid to any individual
  • Trustees may be involved in other meetings, including sub-committees; however these expenses are only payable for attendance at Executive meetings
  • Trustee expenses do not include purchases made on behalf of the charity for which a trustee is reimbursed


The Webmaster, whilst not necessarily a Trustee may claim an allowance of £50 per annum in recognition of any additional expenses incurred i.e. broadband / telephone rental / PC & printer usage.

Editor of Dancing Forth

The editor of Dancing Forth, whilst not necessarily a Trustee may claim expenses up to £20 per issue in recognition of any costs incurred i.e. broadband / telephone rental / PC & printer usage.

Out of Pocket Expenses

This policy applies to all members who incur expenses on behalf of RSCDS Edinburgh. Out of pocket expenses include, but are not limited to, postage & printing costs, catering provisions etc.

  • Out of pocket expenses will be reimbursed timeously
  • These expenses are agreed on an ad hoc basis i.e. Demonstration travel ahead of the event by the appropriate committee

Process for claiming payment

  • Payment of Trustee expenses will be met six monthly in September & March. A Claim form should be utilised, and where possible, receipts should be provided
  • Out of pocket expenses should be claimed as soon as possible after the event which they relate to, using a claim form & appropriate receipts should be provided. Where no receipt is available then the expenses claim should be validated by an additional Trustee