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Payment information

We offer secure online payments for classes, membership and events. RSCDS Edinburgh does not hold any payment card information.


To purchase tickets:

  1. Select the Ticket or Membership type (e.g. Member, Non-member) appropriate to the person who will be using the ticket.
  2. Select the number of tickets of this same type required.
  3. Fill in the details requested.
  4. Press the Add to Cart button. This takes you to your Order Summary page.

If you then wish to purchase tickets of a different (membership) type for the same event, then:

  1. At the Order Summary page press the 'Continue Shopping' link.
  2. You will be returned here to add additional tickets.
  3. You will find your details already filled in – there's no need to change them, even though the tickets may be for other people.

To purchase tickets for another event, go to the Events page.

All RSCDS wordwide members are welcome to book at the discounted Members’ rate.

Summer Dance, 27 July 2024

If you are only applying for one place, for the person above:

  1. Press the Add to Cart button.

To apply for more than one person:

  1. Having entered the requested details above for the first person, press the Add to Cart button.
  2. At the cart, press the Continue shopping link to return to this page.
  3. Enter details above for the next person.
  4. Press the Add to cart button.

Repeat the above steps for each additional person.

If you’d like to view your Cart, press the button at the top of the page (or foot of the page if viewing this on a mobile phone).

Click for a list of options for buying Event tickets, Memberships and places at a Class.

Drop us a line

We hope you have found the information you need on our website, if not check out our FAQs or drop us a line and we’ll respond as quickly as possible.

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