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Ian Brockbank

Introducing Ian Brockbank

Growing up in the North east of Scotland, the traditional Scottish dances were a standard part of Ian’s schooling. He moved to Edinburgh to study and wasted no time in joining New Scotland, the Edinburgh University Scottish Country Dance Society, which he helped run throughout his time at university.

Ian has lived and danced in Edinburgh ever since; dancing, organising, performing and teaching with RSCDS Edinburgh, Dunedin and New Scotland, including in the Branch annual show through various incarnations (Strictly Scottish, Spirit of Scotland, Dancing Forth), and has performed internationally at festivals in Belgium, Poland, Germany, Romania, Ireland and even England.

His web site, has been a popular resource for dancers around the world since 1994, and also contains many of the dances he has devised over the years (some of which have been published by the RSCDS, Dunedin and New Scotland).

Over the years, Ian has come across many interesting, complex and unusual dances, and he will take this opportunity to share some of them with you. Participants should be experienced dancers, ready to be intrigued, stretched, challenged and made to think.

Ian Brockbank