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Yoshi Shibasaki

Introducing Yoshi Shibasaki

Yoshi started dancing when he was in Japan and fell in love with Scottish dance and its music. When he was offered a job from Research Institutes in Kent and in Edinburgh, he did not think twice to accept the one in Edinburgh. He joined New Scotland at the University immediately after his arrival, and took part in numerous Scottish dance competitions in the UK and became part of many winning teams. Such is his love of dancing for three consecutive years between 1996 and 1998 he demonstrated more than any other dancer in New Scotland!  

Yoshi joined our demonstration team in 1997 and danced in the Fringe festival shows, Strictly Scottish and Dancing Forth for many years, and has performed in Europe for the Branch. He started to help teaching our beginners classes in 2004 and completed his RSCDS Teaching Certificate with the Branch in 2018. Since then he has been teaching our Beginners and Mixed Ability classes.  

When he is not dancing Yoshi enjoys playing the bagpipes.